Elvis Dylan and Post War America test one

Elvis Dylan and Post War America test one - Elvis Dylan and...

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WWII -2 and 3 years into the war US citizens wanted negotiations with Germany separate from the other countries. They also wanted revenge on the Japanese first before they hit Germany because Hitler had yet to attack the United States. -Most Americans did not know about the Holocaust because it was unknown outside of Europe due to the fact that so many people were dying. Pacific War -it was a very bloody war that the US wanted to win because their land had been directly attacked with out any notice of war being declared. We knew no boundaries (atomic bomb) European War -wanted to defeat Hitler but had ambivalence to it. -significant amount of casualties -liberation of Camps happened last We needed to mobilize people in order to sustain war -Patriotic loyalty for WWII – Pearl Harbor December 7 1941 led us to hatred, revenge and we whipped up support through idealism. -January 1941- Roosevelts 4 freedoms RELIGION, SPEECH, POLITICAL FEAR, WANT War bond drives were extremely popular in order to raise funds these were raised through parades, songs, posters and this began to inspired people. -Kate Smith – “God Bless America” September 23 1943 one day it was played 65 times on one radio station -Promotion of a mythical view of America where sentimental views were idealistic views - US citizens were noble in this not in darkness…they were real Americans at heart and soul and are willing to fight only because they have to Promoted in key places extensively by the of office of War Information (OWI) Roosevelt And they used propaganda to encourage those to fight. - Looked at movie scripts to check to see if the actors looked like fake Americans - Sexual exploration during WWII with lack of men and men went to prostitutes and had illegitimate children in Japan and Europe. Movies and Music: There was harmony and patriotism which was highly encouraged. A White Christmas was a nostalgic look at the American home and sentimental journey. There was censorship in the media and blood and gore were not shown. The US was in the war for 2 years before a single picture of a dead US soldier in Normandy In April of 1942 Japanese forces capture US forces in Philippines and the US did not have the tools to scar them because of Pearl Harbor. The Death March at Paton occurred and beheadings, shooting and food deprivation occurred. Two years later papers were released in winter of 1944. Economic Impact:
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Elvis Dylan and Post War America test one - Elvis Dylan and...

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