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Lauren Grossel Zinn 6 7 9 10 - Lauren Grossel Zinn Notes...

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Lauren Grossel . Zinn Notes Civilization Women Men: Equal Rights and Sexuality: Indian Removal Cass: Can be large extended families. In Many native American Communities, women were the leaders of the family. The white women were ones who helped bring over slaves. Women were treated with great respect because they were scarce in the New World, but their husbands controlled them and many times they were sexually abused. The Daughters of Liberty Groups were started by Julia Spruill. They planned the Coffee Party revolt and pledged patriotic loyalty. “Nothing is more gratifying to the mind of a man than power and dominion…In short; I look upon my family as a patriarchal sovereignty in which I am myself both king and priest.” (108) Mary Woll Stonecraft – “ I wish to persuade women to endeavor to acquire strength, both of mind and by body…I wish to show that the first object of laudable ambition is to obtain a character as human being, regardless of the [distinction] of sex.” (111) There was also a quest for education for women as they grew older. The Women’s Sphere was created (124) to help spread their beliefs. Political and social rights as women evolved as more and more jobs w ere being created especially in the line of education. Women though, could get into trouble if they were “high spirited not prudent” (112), ultimately sexual prudence before marriage was enforced. Bloomers a form of pants for women became common, upsetting traditionalists. “Cult of
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Lauren Grossel Zinn 6 7 9 10 - Lauren Grossel Zinn Notes...

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