Advanced Public Speaking Speech Outline

Advanced Public Speaking Speech Outline - Joe Newman 4...

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Joe Newman 4 February 2008 COM320 Outline Topic: JROTC in San Francisco public high schools. Thesis: Public high school systems should be required by federal law to provide JROTC to its students. Introduction: I. Attention-getter: Since before this nation was even born, our US military with its roots in the Continental Army under General George Washington has with great honor and integrity, proudly and with illustrious success protected our US Constitution and its 27 collective ideals embraced by all of its citizens. II. Statement of Significance: Have you ever wondered when or where our Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Airman, before taking up arms, first realized that the US Constitution, and its promise of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness might be something actually be worth fighting for, and even worth dying for? While most of the members of the US Armed Forces did not find their calling through the JROTC program, there still remains a substantial number who did through its curriculum and training. Additionally there also remains the countless other non-military, US Citizens whose qualities in leadership, citizenship and self-reliance were developed by simply participating in the program, leading to more successful and fulfilling civilian careers. Due to these realities, it is imperative that the US government does what it can to ensure that every high school student attending public school in this country has a right to
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Advanced Public Speaking Speech Outline - Joe Newman 4...

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