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SAMPLE EXAM 3 DISCLAIMER!!!! THIS SAMPLE EXAM COVERS ONLY CH 12-17 YOUR EXAM COVERS CH12-18 and CH20 and will be at least 10 questions longer 1. How many nucleotides are needed to code for a protein with 450 amino acids? a. at least 150 b. at least 300 c. at least 450 d. at least 900 e. at least 1350 2. During the transcription of a given portion of a DNA molecule _____. a. mRNA is synthesized on both chains of the DNA molecule at once b. mRNA is synthesized on both chains of the DNA molecule, but first on one side and then the other c. mRNA is synthesized on only one of the chains d. half of the mRNA is synthesized on half of one chain; then the other half of the mRNA is made on the other half of the DNA e. any of the above patterns may be found 3. Which of the following mutations would be most likely to have a harmful affect on an organism a. a base pair substitution b. a deletion of 3 nucleotides near the middle of the gene c. a single nucleotide deletion in the middle of an intron d. a single nucleotide deletion near the end of the coding sequence e. a single nucleotide insertion downstream of, and close to, the start of the coding sequence 4. In Meiosis I, Metaphase I, what lines up on the metaphase plate: a. Sister chromatids b. Homologous chromosomes c. Single chromosomes d. Two random Chromosomes 5. Synapsis occurs during which phase: 1 of 7
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a. Meiosis I, Anaphase I b. Meiosis II, Anaphase II c. Meiosis I, Prophase I d. Meiosis II, Prophase II 8. Asexual reproduction: a. produces genetically unique offspring b. cannot produce offspring c. produces genetically identical offspring d. will only occur when a suitable mate is unavailable 6. The definition of a locus is: a. a variation at a gene location b. a gene location on a chromosome c. the center of a chromosome d. a characteristic that is expressed 7. A diploid cell becomes haploid after which part of Meiosis: a. After Meiosis I is complete b. After Meiosis II is complete c. After Meiosis I, Prophase I is complete d. After Meiosis II, Prophase II is complete 8. Most often, sex-linked genes are found in: a. Males b. Females c. 50% Males, 50% Females d. 25% female, 75% males 9. Down’s syndrome results from ________________ in __________________. a.
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