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Problem set 6 - Problem Set#6 Covering 18 and 20 of BIOLOGY...

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Problem Set #6 Covering Chapter 16, 17, 18 and 20 of BIOLOGY BILD1 Wi2008 PROBLEM 1. The genetic code a) Draw a schematic of a tRNA and label the hairpin loops, the position of the anticodon and the position of the amino acid. b) For the following codons, write out the anticodon: 5’-UAA ; 5’- CAC ; 5’ GCC c) Which amino acids are encoded by the codons in part (b). Use the table below. (The table will be provided on all exams and problem sets) d) There are 61 codons that encode amino acids but only 40 tRNAs. How can this be? e) List all the codons that encode the amino acid Serine. f) Can one codon encode more than one amino acid? PROBLEM 2. You are studying a protein with the following primary sequence: MetLeuHisAsnAlaTrpTyr (a) How many different sequences can code for exactly this peptide? (b) Write out one double-stranded dsDNA coding region for this little peptide. (Yes, there are MANY possible answers here!) Include the start codon and a stop codon. Indicate the 5’ and 3’ ends of the DNA. Which is the sense strand? Which is the antisense strand? (c) Write out the segment of amino acid sequence encoded by the corresponding portion of the antisense strand. Do this for all three possible open reading frames. Write out the encoded peptides from N to C terminus. (d)
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Problem set 6 - Problem Set#6 Covering 18 and 20 of BIOLOGY...

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