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Test4_FormA_Answers - Test#4 CHEM 6A General Chemistry I...

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Test #4: CHEM 6A General Chemistry I Winter 2007 Test Form A Name: ___________________________________ TA name: ___________________________ PID number: _____________________________ Section time: _______________________ Instructions: Fill in your name and the other requested information above. Write your name, subject (this course), date, and day/hour at the top of the Scantron form. Write your PID number on the Scantron form in the box marked “I.D. Number”. Fill in the rectangles corresponding to the digits of your PID; for the initial letter, fill in the digit “1”. Fill in the letter of the test form in the box marked “Test Form”. For this test, the test form is A . Answer the multiple-choice questions by choosing the one best answer. You may write on these test pages; they will be returned to you for reference and as a learning aid. Mark the corresponding answer on your Scantron form, using a number-2 pencil. Your test score will be based only on the answers you mark on the Scantron form. Each question is worth 9 points , except for the last question, which is worth 1 point, for a possible total of 100 points.
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