Candid - along but in Candid this was not the case....

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Candid “But when it comes to my dear Pangloss being hanged- the greatest of philosophers- I must know the reason why. And was it part of the scheme of things that my dear Anabaptist (the best of men!) should be drowned in sight of land? And lady Cunegonde, that pearl amongst women! was it really necessary for her to be disemboweled?” I think this quote is very interesting because it does a good job of portraying what the main theme of the book is (or at least what we’ve talked about), deism. Candid goes on to explain all these amazing people in his life that he has recently lost, leaving him with almost nothing to live for. Throughout the book Candid, the deaths seemed very unexpected to me, I feel like in most other books one can often expect the death or feel the death of someone coming
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Unformatted text preview: along but in Candid this was not the case. Voltaire definitely took this book to the extremes in trying to prove his points of Deism. The idea that god made earth and then just let it run with out intervening or getting involved is Deism. Voltaire proves Deism throughout this book by throwing Candid many burdens he can barely handle. Candid is surprisingly optimistic about each hardship he has to go through and he keeps on going. I think it was a nice twist when we find out that Cunegonde is still alive, this puts a much needed happy surprise into the story. This book seems almost like a tragedy to me, with everyone dying and all the different hardships they are going through, its hard to look at the positives but somehow the characters remain optimistic...
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Candid - along but in Candid this was not the case....

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