a duty to oneself

a duty to oneself - A Duty to Oneself What is the...

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A Duty to Oneself What is the significance of Duty in the play and the difference of Nora and Kristine’s Duties and how Ibsen portrays them In the play A Dolls House Ibsen portrays Nora and Mrs. Linde as completely opposite people when their idea of duty is put into action. In the beginning of the play Nora’s idea of duty is dedicating herself to her husband and her kids. She lives up to the norm of woman in society and she thinks that living a happy life means having a family and being the perfect wife. We find after she talks to her old friend Mrs. Linde that she hasn’t encountered many hardships and her life is rather simple. Her husband Helmer has a good job, and she has a nanny to help with the kids and house. Towards the end of the play Nora finds her idea of duty developing in a different way after being re-united with her old friend, Mrs. Linde. Mrs. Linde, we find is very different than the Nora we come to know, Mrs. Linde is a very self-inspired independent woman. Mrs. Linde appears in the beginning of the novel after not seeing Nora for quit awhile. When she arrives Nora is taken back by how different she looks. It seems that Mrs. Linde has grown and is much older looking than she once was. Ibsen portrays her as warn down and rugged while Nora discovers what age and hard work can do to a woman’s image. During the ladies conversation we find that Mrs. Linde is very much on her own, which for a woman is rare during this time period. Mrs. Linde has been through many trials and tribulations of life. “Mrs. Linde: I have come to look for work.
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a duty to oneself - A Duty to Oneself What is the...

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