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art hist study guide - January 16: Lecture 1-> the...

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January 16: Lecture 1-> the background and how to speak art: The Cannon: pieces of art that are considered significant works. They act as an established principle, and a standard for comparison. Who decides what the cannon is? -> Museums, galleries, the upper class, the church and rich white men. These institutions can make or break an artist. Overview of art history: 15 th century Italy-> Art history begins. 18 th and 19 th century-> importance of aesthetics, connoisseurship, and art appreciation. 20 th century-> the standards of art start to break down, people start looking at art in an entirely new way. Speaking Art: Formal Elements: know how to talk about the medium, the composition, the style and the content. Line / Shape Color Texture Mass / Volume Space Scale / Proportion What is the subject matter? Realistic / naturalistic Abstract / formalized Non-representational January 18: Lecture 2-> Italian Baroque Architecture I: Remember labels like “Baroque” are really artificial; they just help us study art and time periods. Art is coming from the church at this point. Baroque: 17 th century movement, art from this time is often characterized as ornate, elaborate, decorative, dramatic, theatrical, dark, etc… Historical events of the time definitely affected the art-> 30 years war (Catholics vs. Protestants.) Protestants were protesting the pope’s supremacy, believing the primary role of leader belongs to Jesus Christ. They believed the Catholic Church was corrupt. At this time the pope was a secular and religious leader, the Catholic Church sold indulgences. The reformation leads to the Counter Reformation, in which the
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art hist study guide - January 16: Lecture 1-> the...

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