EDTHP notes - by master's level degrees in teaching •...

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Chapter 1: Becoming a Teacher Profession vs. Semi-Profession Many people feel that teaching falls somewhere between professional and semiprofessional in status. Teaching doesn't quite fit the 12 criteria for a profession but it does fit the criteria as a semi-profession. Normal School Reverend Samuel Hall established a Normal School (derived from the French ecole normale, a school that establishes model standards) in Concord, Vermont. A Normal School provided elementary school graduates with formal training in teaching skills and marked the beginning of teacher education in America. Horace Mann was instrumental in establishing the first state supported Normal School in Lexington, Massachusetts. Into the 1900's, the Normal School was the backbone of teacher education. A Nation Prepared The Carnegie Forum issued the highly publicized report. The report called for higher standards and increased professionalism for the nation's teachers. It also calls for an end to the undergraduate teaching major to be replaced
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Unformatted text preview: by master's level degrees in teaching. • Teacher education remains a hodgepodge of approaches. • National Board for Professional Teaching Standards • The Carnegie Forum was influential in creating it. • The goal of the NBPTS is to recognize extraordinary teachers, whose skills and knowledge indicate their high level of achievement. • Board Certified • The teachers who would designated Board Certified, were who the NBPTS identified as highly competent teachers, during its first years of operation. • They developed assessment procedures to do so. • Pedagogy- the art and Science of Teaching • Effective teaching requires both knowledge of the subject and instructional skills. • MySpace and Facebook • Professors and those who hire are now using these features to learn about the people they teach and wish to hire. Having incriminating pictures, such as drinking, can greatly hinder your chance to get hired....
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EDTHP notes - by master's level degrees in teaching •...

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