EDTHP notes 3 - Chapter 7: The History of American...

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Chapter 7: The History of American Education Old Deluder Satan Law Old Deluder Satan Law - the Puritans attempt to thwart Satan's trickery with Scripture-reading citizens- required that 1. Every town of 50 households must appoint and pay a teacher of reading and writing 2. Every town of 100 households must provide a (Latin) grammar school to prepare youths for the university, under a penalty of 5 pounds for failure to do so. Harvard College was established specifically to prepare ministers. It was also the first college in America. Poor families had to sign a "Paupers Oath" stating that they were poor as to why they could not pay for reading and writing in order to receive teaching for it. The Franklin Academy created after Benjamin Franklin's ideas was free of religious influence and offered a variety of practical subjects. In the late 1700's, it was considered the most important secondary school in America. The Franklin Academy later became the University of Pennsylvania. Common School Movement- Horace Mann With the election of Andrew Jackson, the voices of the poor were more heard. Horace Mann became the nation's leading advocate for the establishment of a common school for all people not just the wealthy. Today we call the common school the elementary school.
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EDTHP notes 3 - Chapter 7: The History of American...

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