EDTHP notes 2 - Chapter 3: Culturally Relevant Teaching...

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Chapter 3: Culturally Relevant Teaching Minorities Become Majorities Today, about 1/3 of Americans are of color. Demographic forecasting predicts that by 2020 almost half of the school population will be form non-European ethnic groups. By 2030, half of all school children will be children of color. By 2012, the west will become "minority majority" with no single racial or ethnic group having a majority. By 2030, the number of US residents who are nonwhite or Hispanic will be about 140 million or 40% of the US population. Deficient Theory, Expectation Theory, Cultural Difference Theory Deficient Theory - certain students do poorly in school because of their cultural, social, or linguistic background. Expectation Theory - some children do poorly because their teachers do not expect of kids from certain racial and ethnic groups. Cultural Difference Theory- academic problems can be overcome if educators study and mediate the cultural gap separating school and home. The deficient theory teaches us that groups bring different experiences and values to the classroom and some of these differences do not mesh with mainstream school culture. The expectation theory teaches us the power of teacher attitudes and its
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EDTHP notes 2 - Chapter 3: Culturally Relevant Teaching...

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