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Tom Sherman Dr. Hinders March 28, 2008 Chapter 8 Two-Pager Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) have been the topic of a fierce debate ever since 9 saucer shaped discs were spotted flying over the Cascade Mountains in late 1947. According to some UFO proponents, photographic evidence is the paramount argument cementing the existence of intelligent alien life. However, charlatans and proponents of UFOs seem to be the only people that are able to see and clearly photograph any space ships. Aunthentic, clear photographic evidence of UFOs is almost unheard of, the “most convincing” photographic UFO evidence has been debunked since the 1950-60s. Legitimate photographs of UFOs do not exist, and if they do, no one has brought them forth into public light. UFO photos are quite easy to obtain, only none of the photos anyone can see are fake. Trick photography and double exposure can easily produce a photograph with an odd looking shape, and with the advent of computer and camera technology not only has there been less genuine photographic evidence of UFOs than ever, but also more faked photographs. Most photos of UFOs are unclear blobs of light that mysteriously show up in the pictures even though the camera operator never saw anything unusual. At night this is normally due to either Venus, aircraft, a shaky camera, or bad film. Other mysterious blobs can be attributed to lens flares, over exposure or some other error in the film development, also aircraft, seagulls, and balloons can all look decieveingly mysterious when blurred or distorted on film. . Since blobs of light or blurry photographs show no details of the UFO, such as size, distance, speed, altitude, and
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ufos2pager - Tom Sherman Dr Hinders Chapter 8 Two-Pager...

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