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Tom Sherman Dr. Hinders Chapter 9 Two-pager A widely popular myth, the Bermuda Triangle, although believed worldwide, was actually fabricated during the 1970s. This mythical triangle lies between Miami, Cuba, and Puerto Rico and mysteriously makes any airplane or ship disappear whenever they cross through it. Stories of the Bermuda triangle began in the 1800s, and were mentioned in a few articles in the 1950s, but the theory was popularized in 1974 in a book titled The Bermuda Triangle Mystery by Charlie Berlitz. The book became a best seller, and soon spawned copycats in the movie, literary and television mediums. Although many people believe in the ‘strange events’ that occur in the Bermuda Triangle, that specific area of the ocean is not only the most heavily traveled by amateur pilots and boaters but is also extremely hurricane prone. Also, each time a book has been written the stories are more embellished and are told with less sources cited. Out of the people who believe in the myth known as the Bermuda Triangle, most think it is fact because of the numerous accounts and stories they have heard. The numerous accounts of paranormal happenings in the Bermuda Triangle should not be admitted as evidence. Simply because there are multiple stories does not mean there are not either natural events causing these accidents, or that the fables were complete fabrications. Just as though if this case were in a court of law, all accounts such as this should be excluded as hear say. Only reliable firsthand accounts from newspapers, air force or coast guard documents, insurance company reports, and radio transmissions should be counted as any evidence that would support such a preposterous theory.
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bermudatriangle2pager - Tom Sherman Dr Hinders Chapter 9...

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