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Tom Sherman Dr. Hinders Chapter 6 two-pager Revision Wilhelm Fliess, a Viennese physician and genuine charlatan, invented biorhythms around the turn of the 20 th century. Before his biorhythmic success, Fliess believed that all humans were bi-sexual, that being left-handed meant that the opposite gender’s qualities determined one’s personality, and that certain membranes in the nose represented one’s sexual organs. Obviously, this man purported and supported inane theories throughout his life’s work, with biorhythms being no exception. Biorhythms are three set and absolute rhythms set from the moment of birth, cycling throughout a person’s life until death. This is comprised of a 23-day physical rhythm, a 28-day emotional rhythm, and a 33-day intellectual rhythm. All three oscillate throughout a sinusoidal cycle, apparently influencing every aspect of one’s lifetime. When the sine graph is above the x-axis, those are “up phases” in that particular rhythm, whereas once below the axis they would be “down phases”. Whenever a rhythm crosses the axis, that day is labeled a “critical day”, which according to biorhythmic theory represent “our weakest and most vulnerable moments”. Although biorhythmic theory was extracted from legitimate science, they are based on unsubstantiated evidence and experiments. Most proponents of biorhythms simply allege the effectiveness of biorhythms due to the fallacy of personal validation. Biorhythmic theory was drawn from a genuine scientific basis, but subsequently skewed into a pseudoscience. Biorhythms were based on biological rhythms, which are naturally occurring cycles that govern plant, animal, and even human processes. It was from biological rhythms that Wilhelm Fliess first originated the emotional and physical biorhythms. Other than the name similarity and having cycles, biorhythms and biological
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biorhythms2pager - Tom Sherman Dr Hinders Chapter 6...

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