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Objectives for Chapter 14 Study-guide: 1. Identify what drug is most treated for addictions in Australia, Asia, Europe, North America, South America, and the Nordic Nations. -Opiates: Australia, Europe, Asia -Cocaine: North American,South America 2. List the 6 steps in drug breakdown involved when the body metabolizes a drug. -drug is introduced -circulates in bloodstream -attaches to receptor sites -Liver breaks drug down drugs circulating in bloodstream -Drugs at recpetor sires dissipate -Lungs, bowels,skin, and kidneys excrete chemicals metabolized by liver 3. List and describe the six scientific categories of drugs. -Prescription: Doctor consent -OTC: w/o perscription -Recreational: alcohol, tobacco,coffee, tea, chocolate -Herbal:products of botanical origin that are believed to have medicinal value -Illicit:Illegal, harmful, psychoactive
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Unformatted text preview: -Commercial: perfumes, cosmetics, inks, dyes, glue, paints, pestocides 4. Define receptor sites. -specialized cells to which drugs can attach themselves 5. Discuss 5 routes of administration of drugs. -Orally-Inhalation-injection -Inunction:though skin(nicotine patch)-Suppositories: waxy medium absorbed through anus. 6. Identify 3 life problems associated with women who use illicit drugs. -Abused by age 16, atleast one parent abused alcohol or drugs, and low self-esteem or self-confidence. 7. Describe the “multimodal” approach to drug education and strategies for fighting drug abuse. -*8. List 10 categories of psychoactive drugs. **8-9 on printoff** *9. Address all information pertaining to the 10 categories of psychoactive drugs included on the "Facts about Psychoactive Drugs" worksheet....
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ch 14 study guide - -Commercial perfumes cosmetics inks...

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