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Jacob Christman 11/8/2007 ET-280 Three Mile Island Accident The Three Mile Island accident was an accident involving a nuclear power plant in Pennsylvania. The accident resulted in partial meltdown. There are many different reasons for failure with this plant. The three most significant reasons for this failure were plant design, human errors, and component failures. I think that plant design was the biggest reason for failure. I think it was the biggest reason for failure because the whole problem began when then feed water pumps stopped working. This led to the plant not being able to remove excess pressure. Shortly after a release valve opened to remove pressure but was unable to close itself, which led to water entering and causing the reactor to overheat. Another reason for failure in the plant design was the signals given to the operator from he reactors did not show the valve was open. The plant should have been made with better materials that are more resistant to heat. The plant should continously check that all of their systems are working properly.
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Unformatted text preview: Humor errors also played a big role in the accident. The operators lack of knowledge led him to make unwise decisions. The operators did not have tools to show the coolant in the core so they just assumed that the reactor was properly covered because of the level of pressure. The alarm sirens went off and not knowing what to do they lowered the amount of coolant going into the core which resulted in the fuel pellets beginning to melt. More training is now required to be an operator. Another reason for failure was because of component failures. The failure of the pressure valve was a big component failure. If it would have closed properly then the operators would have been more easily been able to identify the problems happening within the plant, help the accident would not had been an accident or would have been far less significant. Signals that were given to operators did not show that the valve was open....
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