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Name: ________________________________ A0__________________________ Facts about Psychoactive Drugs Familiarize your with the different types of psychoactive drugs by COMPLETING the worksheet below. Refer to http://www.acde.org/common/Contents.htm and your text book as needed. Bring the completed document to class. TO RECEIVE CREDIT, THIS DOCUMENT MUST BY COMPLETED, TYPED, A0 CODE AND NAME AT TOP, AND REFERENCED. What are they? -Cocaine is a powder that comes from the coca shrub. It is illegal and one of the most powerful stimulants known to man. Both are addictive. (Donatelle 2008, 430-431) How are they taken? -Cocaine is usually snorted, but can be smoked or injected. Crack is a form of cocaine in a rock form, which is then smoked. (Donatelle 2008, 431) How do they affect you ? -Cocaine once its binded to the central nervous system produces intense euphoria. In small doses it can slow heart rate, but it large doses it leads to increased heart rate/ blood pressure, loss of appetite,convulsions, muscle twitching, irregular heart beat and possible O.D. Crack will produce the same effects but at a much faster speed because it is smoked and it is a more pure form of cocaine.(Donatelle 2008, 431) Methamphetamine: What is it? -A type of amphetamine. That is potent,long acting, and addictive. (Donatelle 2008, 433) How is it taken? -Can be snorted,smoked,injected, or orally ingested. (Donatelle 2008, 433) Meth vs. Cocaine? -They both lead to decreased appetite and addiction. Cocaine is a natural drug while meth is a designer drug that includes many harmful chemicals. (Donatelle 2008, 431-434) Ecstasy: What is it? -A drug that is derived from an essential oil of the sassafras tree. It is also known as MDMA. (http://www.acde.org/common/ecstasy.htm)
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How is it taken? -Usually taken as a pill as swallowed, but can also be crushed and snorted and another not so common method is “shafting” (http://www.acde.org/common/ecstasy.htm) How does it affect you? -Speeds up central nervous system and acts as a mood enhancer. (http://www.acde.org/common/ecstasy.htm) Duration of Effects: -Can last from 6-24 hours but generally 3-4 hours. (http://www.acde.org/common/ecstasy.htm) Short-term effects : -confusion, depression, sleep problems, craving, severe anxiety, and paranoia. Physical effects include muscle tension, involuntary teeth clenching, nausea, blurred vision, rapid eye movement, fever, chills or sweating. (http://www.acde.org/common/ecstasy.htm)
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drug ws - Name A0 Facts about Psychoactive Drugs...

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