3 notes - 4/3 The Public Sphere - theory constructed by...

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4/3 The Public Sphere - theory constructed by German philosopher Jurgen Habermas in the 1960s - space where political opinion/decisions take place, due to the free flow of information and ideas. Outside control of government, but also outside of ‘private’ (e.g. household) sphere - first originated in the salons/coffee houses of Western Europe, but only possible because of press freedoms. - People say we have never had a true public sphere, therefore no true democracy The “Policy Sphere” - subset of the public sphere where ideas and feelings explicitly connect with government officials, parties, or candidates for office who may decide the outcomes of issues and conflicts facing society - a strong policy sphere ‘legitimizes’ government and gives democratic citizens a voice. Liberal model: citizens expected to form own opinions on events and things happening. Polarized Plural Model: citizens look towards elites to help form opinions. Democratic Corporatist Model: citizens forming own opinion but thoughts very much affected by the media History of U.S. Journalism - 1690 is starting point for US- beginning of US newspaper and first intercolonial post office - in England- Glorious Revolution of 1688. Widened voting rights: now voting depended on property ownership, not church attendance - by 1700’s, despite differences between the New England colonies, the middle colonies, and the South, US had developed a distinct political culture - Zenger Trial, 1735: Ruled that a journalist cannot by guilty of libel, if he prints the truth. Even if it is negative. -
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3 notes - 4/3 The Public Sphere - theory constructed by...

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