17 notes - 4/15 Frontline video: News War - Lowell Bergman...

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4/15 Frontline video: News War - Lowell Bergman sets out to research how news coverage is changing and how it is broadcasting the news. - The standard for what qualifies has ‘broadened’ to cover more things. Many think it has lowered to cover things that would not have been considered news in previous generations. - ‘To Catch a Predator’ is an example of lowering the quality of news. - Television news went from giving hard news to giving very soft news with a little hard news sprinkled in. - CBS, “60 Minutes” grouped with Yahoo to start streaming some videos of the show to try and get some newer, younger viewers to the show. - Google is the new internet player. - “Rocketboom” is an online news show, mocking regular newscasting. It has as many viewers as some cable news shows and does it on a very low budget. - “Daily Kos”, one of the most popular internet blogs. - Not many bloggers actually think they are journalists, it is more like people talking than actual journalism. - Many real journalists look down upon internet writers as a lower class of writers and that they don’t do real/important reporting. - There is no denying the impact on blogs though. Ex.- Strom Thurman stepping down, bloggers caused CBS news to retract a news story about Bush and his service record (Rather apologizing and pushed out of his 42 year perch at CBS news). ABC got tips through a blog at brought a story about Congressman Foley and forced him to quit- thought of as first real news story to break online. 4/17 Priming - Related to agenda setting - Amount of news coverage impacts how citizens judge public officials, policies, and candidates. Framing
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17 notes - 4/15 Frontline video: News War - Lowell Bergman...

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