22 notes - 4/22 Questions for Consideration - What role...

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4/22 Questions for Consideration - What role should the media play in democracy? What role has it historically played? What role does it play in other countries? How is this different then the present (in America)? - What is the role of the citizen in a democracy? What should be required of them? What can we expect for them? - Should the media give the public what they want or what they need? What does the public want? What do they need? Make sure you explain your logic clearly and fully. - How are some ways the media may be harming US democracy? - How do the media construct reality for US citizens? Does this hinder democratic deliberation or is it very necessary? - Is “soft news” newsworthy? Can it help citizens make political decisions? - Can a profit driven media system serve a democracy? - Is public journalism a positive development for democracy or negative? - Is print dead? Does the First Amendment hurt news reporting? - Media Watch vs Local News: local news is “toxic” to citizens. o “Local news is severely unbalanced, with excessive coverage of violent topics and trivial events, creating a ‘public health issue’ that ‘goes beyond bad journalism’” - FCC rejects petition: “Journalism or editorial discretion in the presentation of news and public information is the core concept of the First Amendment’s free press guarantee.” o Media Watch doesn’t want to go back to government propaganda, but
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22 notes - 4/22 Questions for Consideration - What role...

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