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Paige Abernathy – The ABC’s of School Meals She councils morbidly obese people in Employee Assistant Program over the phone, studies show it works! Helps them make big lifestyle changes. Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) supplies child/adult care food program, special milk program, commodity supplemental food program, food distribution program. Purpose of child nutrition program – to provide nutritionally adequate meals to children. Help children understand the relationship between proper eating and good health. Who care participate in the child nutrition program? Any student of high school age or younger (18). 7,372 schools participate in texas Funding: USDA funds, gives to TDA -> schools. Schools get reimbursed for meals that they
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Unformatted text preview: serve. Requirements: <=30%calories from fat. <10% from satured. 1/3 protein, 100%vit a, c, iron, calcium, and calories. 1995 standards, trying to get it updated. Have to serve, 2oz meat/meat alternative, ¾ fruit or veg, 2 kinds. Milk. 1 serving of graisn/bread. If 10% or more students ligible for free / reduced lunch, must serve breakfast, BUT they get a higher “severe need” reimbursement (more money back). Breakfast programs – higher scores on standardized test, more creative, less absence, less illness, lower rates of obesity (big deal). School Meals Initiative (SMI) line up w/ rda. 1/3 ra for lunch. Mandate from usda. An audit basically, can make adjustments before penalized. Starting next year, no fryers in all schools....
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