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Unformatted text preview: Version PREVIEW HW1 Savrasov (39824) 1 This print-out should have 7 questions. Multiple-choice questions may continue on the next column or page find all choices before answering. Harmonic Wave 001 10.0 points A harmonic wave travels in a wire with am- plitude 5 . 65 mm, wavelength 2 . 86 m, and fre- quency 506 Hz. What is the speed with which the wave travels? Correct answer: 1447 . 16 m / s. Explanation: Let : = 2 . 86 m and f = 506 Hz . The speed of a traveling wave is v = f = (2 . 86 m) (506 Hz) = 1447 . 16 m / s . Longitudinal Traveling Wave 002 10.0 points A wave is sent along a long spring by mov- ing the left end rapidly to the right and keep- ing it there. The figure shows the wave pulse at QR - part RS of the long spring is as yet undisturbed. Version PREVIEW HW1 Savrasov (39824) 2 a nonzero displacement at the left end. At the instant shown, the wave pulse has not yet reached the right end of the long spring (point S), so this end has not yet been displaced. One of the two graphs shows a negative displace- ment at the right end, so the only possible choice is the other one. x x Transverse Wave in a Wire 02 003 10.0 points At t = 0, a transverse wave pulse in a wire is described by the function y = 5 e- x 2 / 2 , where x and t are given in SI units....
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HW1solution - Version PREVIEW HW1 Savrasov (39824) 1 This...

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