Humanitarian Intervention

Humanitarian Intervention - Humanitarian Intervention...

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Humanitarian Intervention Humanitarian intervention has been one of the most controversial foreign policy issues of the last half-century and has identified as one of the most important military-political problems facing the Western world in the next century. In recent years Humanitarian intervention has taken a back seat to the war on terrorism but the issue is likely to resurface soon. Recent successful interventions in the Middle East have begun to overshadow nightmarish endeavors such as Rwanda in 1994 and Somalia in 1992. The international communities’ opinion on humanitarian intervention has shifted to reflect the growing concern with ethnic cleansing, genocide and terrorism. The war on terrorism and humanitarian intervention are immensely interconnected. In order to achieve a complete victory, terrorism must be defeated and the public must be won over. Terrorism cannot be defeated without humanitarian intervention. Humanitarian intervention is a wide-ranging term with multiple descriptions and can vary from simple economic assistance on one side of the spectrum to armed intervention on the other. In a broad since humanitarian intervention is classified as the interference of a sovereign state by another with the objective of ending or reducing suffering within the first state. Humanitarian intervention is not the annexation or succession of another country but rather just one of many tools used to influence political or military objectives. Humanitarian intervention alone will not insure complete resolution but must be backed by military force to be completely successful. The world has become too complex and violent for Humanitarian intervention to work all. The results of using just Humanitarian intervention alone or with an ill defined military force
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Humanitarian Intervention - Humanitarian Intervention...

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