ANNUAL REPORT - Download or print the following(1 Consolidated Statement of Earnings(which is the Income Statement(2 Consolidated Balance Sheet(3

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Your Annual Report Project comes from the Appendix to Chapter 1 which starts on page 60 in your book. Please read all instructors carefully. In part E "Financial Analysis", I want you to do Option b: Basic with Enhanced Liquidity Analysis (After Completing Chapter 7). All of these ratios are explained in the various chapters and you may have to review them for this purpose. Feel free to ask questions about them in this conference. The purpose of this exercise is to make you familiar with Financial Statement Analysis, a common tool used by investors in the real world. The company you are exploring is Toys R Us, probably familiar to all of you. The information in the textbook is rather old, and I need you to go to the website at . At the top, click on Investor Relations, and then on Annual Report.
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Unformatted text preview: Download or print the following: (1) Consolidated Statement of Earnings (which is the Income Statement), (2) Consolidated Balance Sheet, (3) Consolidated Statements of Retained Earnings, and (4) Consolidated Statements of Cashflow. These financial statements contain the data for your ratio analysis. You will the other parts of the annual report to answer the assignment questions in from Part A: Introduction to Part D: Accounting Policies. The report should be no more than 6 pages long. You should spell-check your document. Pretend it is for the CEO, how would you go about that? I am encouraging all of you to ask tons of questions about the assignment; it is a fair percentage of your final grade, and it is my goal that you all do a good job....
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