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400 Blows Big Assignment DONE

400 Blows Big Assignment DONE - Francesco Mercuri December...

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Francesco Mercuri December 4, 2008 The French New Wave The 400 Blows had all the film grammar of a typical French New Wave film. It differed dramatically from what I am used to experiencing in typical Hollywood film. I am more familiar with movies that have quick action scenes and an intense use of music. The 400 Blows’ use of camera, music, and overall plot makes it more difficult to read than a typical Hollywood film. In class, we watched Rebel Without a Cause , featuring James Dean. Even though the movie takes place in 1955, it features the regular aspects of a film that I am used to seeing while watching Hollywood movies. The movie first begins rather dramatically, Jim, the main character, is found lying intoxicated on the ground as a melodramatic song plays in the background. The music in Rebel Without A Cause is very dramatic and essentially creates the mood of the movie. For instance, this opening scene would not have the same effect if the music was a cool jazz beat. The movie then quickly jumps to a police station and two more characters are introduced. Beautiful Judy is introduced and is wearing an elegant red coat and a radiant shade of red lipstick. She hysterically tells the police officer how she does not appreciate how her father is treating her and how she is not sure of whether she should return home. The camera finds its way to Plato; he seems like a soft, harmless person, but he is in the station because he shot and killed his neighbor’s puppies with his mother’s gun. Soon the innocent atmosphere he once seems to had, turns into a creepier aura.
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