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Chungking Express DONE

Chungking Express DONE - Francesco Mercuri December 4 2008...

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Francesco Mercuri December 4, 2008 Relationships In The Film Club, David Gilmour passed his son’s room numerous times and saw the movie Chungking Express (Wong Kar Wai 1996) lying on his nightstand. He believed his son, Jesse, was fascinated by the movie “because the beautiful girl in it reminded him of Rebecca; and watching the movie was a little bit like being with her” (139). But, what about the girl reminded him of Rebecca? I think that not only did the girl remind him of Rebecca, but the movie followed the same consistency as his own life. Jesse Gilmour did not exactly live the life of a normal teenager. Because of his failing grades, he dropped out of high school when he was a sophomore, with his parents’ consent. He lived at home, rent-free, without a job, having only one chore, to watch three movies a week with his father. It sounds like a decent life to live. I did not think it could lead to a successful nor happy life; however, I was proved wrong. Jesse was at a time in his life where he would encounter many different obstacles, and his father took the brunt of the work trying to help him through them. He would come home late sometimes, often engaging in drugs and alcohol, and sleep in until mid-afternoon. David, obviously aware of his son’s habits, told him that he did not want him to abuse drugs. However, Jesse did anyway. He was young, naïve, and very impressionable. He faced many overdramatic problems with girls, usually obsessing over them for quite a while. I think that in most cases the subjects of his relationship problems are very petty matters, such as his excessive yearning for Rebecca after they broke up.
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