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The 400 Blows - The 400 Blows Response Francesco...

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The 400 Blows Response Francesco Mercuri (3469626) Engcomp 0205 14072 Dr. Ellen Bishop September 4, 2008
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What appeals to the audience? When studying film, many variables arise that serve as determinants to whether the viewer will like or dislike a film. Everything from the setting, to the cast, to the cinematography, or even to the plot, plays a factor in the viewer’s ability to judge whether they enjoyed a movie or not. I, personally, enjoyed Truffaut’s The 400 Blows , I felt that I could relate to Antoine during my own adolescence, which really captivated me into wanting to watch more. Throughout early grade school, I had always felt that I was being blamed for faults that were not mine. For example, during recess in our schoolyard, I and a few friends were playing “tag”. I had been just tagged and was looking for the one I would tag. I saw a boy standing a little off to the side, not noticing that I had just been tagged he did not start running until I came within ten feet of him.
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