Final Exam 1-40

Final Exam 1-40 - 1 What are some of the most important...

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1. What are some of the most important values shared by Americans? Pg. 90 -Natural Rights-The rights of all people to dignity and worth -Liberty, Equality, Individualism, Respect for the common person, Democratic consensus, justice and the rule of law, Patriotism, optimism, and idealism. 2. What are some of the most important elements of the American Dream ? Pg 95 -America is the land of opportunity and that individual initiative and hard work can bring economic success -Capitalism 3. What political and economic changes of the late 19 th and 20 th centuries have most affected American politics? pg.97 -Expansion of sufferage, and competitive nominations and elections -Industrial transformation-Monopolies and anti trust legislation -Great Depression and the New Deal-Second bill of rights with the commitment to “economic security and independence.”-FDR 4. What kind of political views are expressed in President Roosevelt’s 1944 State of the Union address? Do you agree or disagree with President Roosevelt’s goals? Pg. 98 -Second bill of rights. “economic security…” Standards in which every American should at least have decent living conditions: Jobs, food, clothing, recreation, fair competition, home, medical care, protection from economic fears of old age sickness accident and unemployment, education. 5. What is ideology ? What are the differences between an ideological and pragmatic approach to politics? Pg.99 -Political Ideology-A consistent pattern of beliefs about political values and the role of gov’t - 6. What are some of the most important tenets of contemporary liberalism ? How does that differ from classical liberalism ? What are some criticisms of liberalism ? PG.100 -A belief that gov’t can bring about justice and equality of opportunity -Rights of the individual and right to own private property. -Equal access to health care, housing and education. -Affirmative action, protections for workers’ health and safety, tax rates that rise with person’s income, and unions’ rights to organize and strike -Probability of progress Classic liberalism-Limited gov’t and sought to protect people from gov’t harassment, in their political and economic lives. Difference- perception of need for gov’t has changed Criticisms: - Rely too much on Gov’t, higher taxes, and bureaucracy to solve the nation’s problems -Welfare and regulatory state that liberals advocate will ultimately destroy individual initiative, the entrepreneurial spirit and the very engine of economic growth that might lead to true equality of economic opportunity
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7. What are some of the most important tenets of traditional conservatives ? How do these differ from those of social conservatives ? What are some criticisms of conservatism ? Pg.102
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Final Exam 1-40 - 1 What are some of the most important...

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