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AISC TERMS FOR LOADS source: Specification for Structural Steel Buildings (2005) ANSI/AISC 360-05, AISC. Design load Applied load determined in accordance with either LRFD load combinations or ASD load combinations , whichever is applicable. Lateral load Load, such as that produced by wind or earthquake effects, acting in a lateral direction. Load Force or other action that results from the weight of building materials, occupants and their possessions, environmental effects, differential movement, or restrained dimensional changes. Load effect Forces, stresses and deformations produced in a structural component by the applied loads . Nominal load Magnitude of the load specified by the applicable building code . Required strength Forces, stresses and deformations acting on the structural component, determined by either structural analysis, for the LRFD or ASD load combinations, as appropriate, or as specified by this Specification or Standard. Service load
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