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CVEN 4545 - Steel Design George.Hearn@colorado.edu EXAMPLE: CHECK BEAM SHEAR STRENGTH – 20 FT PERIMETER BEAM Identification of beams 24 ft Perimeter Beam 24 ft Interior Beam 20 ft Perimeter Beam 20 ft Interior Beam SHEAR CHECK – 20 FT PERIMETER BEAM The floor system for this building carries an occupancy live load equal to 50 psf. The floor system uses 1.0C24 steel pan with a 3.5" thick of concrete fill. Deck dead weight is 37 psf. Joists are 22K04. Joists weigh 8 lbs/ft and are spaced at 5ft. The dead load of joists plus steel pan plus concrete fill is 193 lbs/ft. The live load, per joist, is 250 lbs/ft. The perimeter wall of the building weighs 36 psf. There is 13 feet (height) of perimeter wall supported by perimeter beams in the second floor. The wall load on the beam is 468 lbs/ft. Steel W-shape beams are checked using an LRFD basis. We need factored load combinations for beams. Loads on steel beams include floor system dead weight, perimeter wall dead weight, beam self weight and occupancy live load. . Shear Demand
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Ex20PerimeterShear - CVEN 4545 - Steel Design...

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