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Geography 104 Second Midterm

Geography 104 Second Midterm - Geography 104 Second...

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Geography 104 Second Midterm *Radiation and Solar Energy Budget* Earth’s atmosphere Weather: Short term condition of the atmosphere at a given location Climate: Long term average weather condition in a region Solar Radiation: Principal source of energy determining climate and weather Insolation: Amount of incoming solar radiation Solar Energy: Sun’s energy (heat) is transmitted to earth Electromagnetic Spectrum: Range of radiation of wavelengths in micrometers Sunlight is made of different wavelength Incoming solar radiation = shortwave Outgoing solar radiation = longwave Reflection: Process of entering isolation returning to outer space Absorption: 2/3 of incoming solar radiation is absorbed Solar Energy Budget (outgoing) Re-Radiation: Energy returning to atmosphere from earth’s surface Aphelia: When Earth is farthest from the sun (94 million miles) Perihelion: When Earth is closest to the sun (91 million miles) *Structure of atmosphere* Atmosphere: Gaseous mass surrounding the earth
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