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SYO 4530 Spring 06 Material Covered by Exam #1: B Ch. 1-4, 6-8; CM 1, 9, 12 & 13; Lecture & Discussion NOTE: These questions reflect some of the key issues covered in the lectures, discussion, and readings. While useful for review, they are no substitute for a comprehensive reading of the text, assigned readings, and class attendance. These questions should not be used as an exclusive means of studying. There is no guarantee that any of these questions will be included on the exam. Key terms: Achieved status Affirmative action Anomic division of labor Ascribed status Assimilation Authority Bourgeoisie Civil rights Class consciousness Conspicuous consumption Cultural capital Differential association Discrimination Feminism Functionalism Hyper-rich Immigration Individual inequality Institutional inequality Invisible knapsack Life chances Lifestyle Meritocracy Mobility Positional goods Power Prejudice Prestige Privilege Proletarians Segregation Social class Social closure Social construction
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