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Polysci 206- ORourke

Polysci 206- ORourke - intrigue What goals do special...

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Why is govt boring? It’s based on a lie, it’s a matter of majority rule, there’s nothing in it for the average person. What was motivating the founders as they wrote the constitution? Personal happiness Is the Constitution clear or vague? Clear. Why is the war on drugs not working? Because the government isn’t serious about the drug problems or the problems causing the drug problems. The government’s response to drugs is to panic and find a scapegoat. What is the relationship between politics and special interests? Politics would not exist if it weren’t for special interests. If the effect of government were always the same on everyone there would be little need for debate and no need for coalitions, parties, or
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Unformatted text preview: intrigue. What goals do special interest groups have? They want money and privileges that other American’s don’t get. Who do special interest groups represent? Any person or group who wants to be treated differently from the rest of us by the government. Are environmental interest groups interested in solving environmental problems? No, they would rather shake their fists at big business, industry and “their friends in the Reagan administration and Congress”. Why is Social Security headed for trouble? The next generations are greater in number and the life expectancy is higher. We can’t afford it anymore without being taxed to death....
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