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Prelim 1 Review_StudyGuide - Non-hedonic food descriptors...

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Non-hedonic food descriptors: Taste: Bitter Sour Sweet Salty Umami Touch/Mouthfeel: Grainy Waxy Smooth Soarse Dry Aroma: Herbaceous Floral Campherous Rancid Pre Nasal Retro Nasal High Notes Low Notes Detection Recognition Threshold “What exactly is that?” Nutmeg Product Angel Food Cake: Light and Fluffy due to the leavener of FOAM or meringue (eggwhites) The older the egg the higher the ph You lower the ph with cream of tartar to help the eggs whip to a hard “starch” in the form of flour Sugar which are carbohydrates Carbohydrates Saccarides Mono Glucose Fructose Together form sucrose Polysaccharide: many glucose molecules together form Starch! Chains that then branch
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What are the two Parsley, cilantro, Chinese parsley Petri Dish with bacteria: Staphleccaous Aureous: golden colored round, defined colonies and not randomly spreadout, in nasal systems, skin, Mold Streptococcus Write legibly! Reactions: Gelatinization: starches Conditions: heat and moisture @ 160 to 180, and done at 180 Maillard Browning: dry heat, high heat, neutral pH, low moisture, some sugars and proteins! Coagulation:
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Prelim 1 Review_StudyGuide - Non-hedonic food descriptors...

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