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Vision paper_Essay - Vision Paper An Innovative Stay In...

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Vision Paper An Innovative S tay I n T ouch Software INTRODUCTION In today’s world, with so much information being constantly updated and peoples desire to access this information where they want to has created a demand for a new visionary technology which is fast, convenient and more important up to date. As the movement away from printed media increase and the explosion of PDA devices into the market, there is potential for a new company to link the media world with wireless technology. A new innovative software allowing users to subscribe to the most up to the minute information in an easy user friendly fashion and directly on a piece of hardware that is essential in everyone’s lives, is exactly the answer. I write to you today, The New AT&T, the leading cell phone provider with the most international capabilities to ask that you consider funding our SIT software (stay in touch), which in turn will be implemented on your PDA hardware devices. Our SIT software compatible with your PDA device will enable users to view the most instant and accurate information of newspapers, magazines, bloggs and specialty media sources from all around the world. To this end, I will argue that in the future this technology will offer a powerful tool for individuals that want multiple sources of information from around the world that is easily presented on the hardware device they already own. Being well aware that there are other concepts similar to ours that already exist, we will support our vision by applying concepts from IS research to the constantly evolving world of technology. In particular, we will relate our vision to the concepts of the socio-technical model in two separate models, one for the similar concepts describing the different components and showing the breakdown compared to another model of our vision and how all of the different components successfully enable our IS goal. By doing this, the comparison of both socio-technical models will show the success of our vision in the world of technology.
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Vision paper_Essay - Vision Paper An Innovative Stay In...

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