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Unformatted text preview: HA275 Vision Idea Paragraph STUDENT NUMBER__________________________________________ 1. Identifies and summarizes the issue/problem/question. Identify your key point and summarize it in 1-2 sentences Video classifieds are going to change the competitive landscape for lodging. Explicitly state the audience for the report marketing, IS and chief executives of branded hotel groups Provide preliminary Background information which assesses the current state of knowledge on the topic. The Background information should be relevant for the audience The popularity of YouTube and its purchase by Google indicates that the demand for video content is on the rise. In fact, studies have shown that teens and college-age individuals relate more to video than still images or text (XXXX). This is a shift worth noting. As the price of video equipment decreases and still images or text (XXXX)....
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HA275_Vision_idea_template_sample_Solutions - HA275 Vision...

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