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HA 355 – Hospitality Facilities Operations Homework Assignment #1 1. There are four stages of disaster or emergency response. It is essential for hotels to understand and master the different stages of disaster response because emergencies and disasters are incredibly unpredictable and volatile. Current events prove how impulsive emergency situations can be. If hotels in the New Orleans area did not plan for potential disasters, like Hurricane Katrina, it is likely that the hotels have been damaged badly and/or destroyed. The first step of a disaster or an emergency is mitigation. The purpose of mitigation is to moderate the force of intensity of the disaster or emergency. In order to alleviate the situation at hand risks need to be managed. Managing risks includes identifying the risks, looking at the possible effects of the disaster or emergency on the structure of the building, and then investigating the insurance coverage. The second stage of a disaster or emergency response is preparedness. During the stage of preparedness, the company must plan for potential emergencies and disasters. This planning would include the course of action the company will take in the event of an emergency or disaster. The third stage of emergency and disaster response is the reaction/response stage. In this stage, the company must execute their plan when the emergency or disaster occurs. It is very important that companies train their employees in the execution of the plan. Well-trained employees will be able to aid in a successful execution
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Rudy-HA 355 HW 1_Solutions - HA 355 Hospitality Facilities...

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