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PRELIM 1 STUDY INFORMATION The prelim will consist of: Thirty-five 2-point multiple choice questions on the material covered so far (lecture and text) Ten 3-point multiple choice questions directly related to demand, supply, occupancy, fair share, and penetration calculations like you did on HW#1 An approximate breakdown of the questions will be: Real Estate and Value 10% Development Team & Process 15% Feasibility 30%, including calculations Site Selection & Analysis 10% Types and Concepts 20% Space & Organization 15% Overall, I am trying to make the exam a test of understanding and mastery of concepts, not memorization . So in general you will not be asked to just regurgitate things you’ve read or heard, like lists. Instead, the questions will ask you to apply what you’ve learned. However, for you memorization buffs, there will be a few questions which will rely on your recall skills. Last semester’s prelim was handed out in class, and answers will be posted on the Thursday before the prelim. I don’t post answers right away because I want you to try the questions first. I won’t ask anything that hasn’t been addressed in this semester’s lectures, text or reading to date . Note that all the material in class, in the text, on handouts, or on the wesbite is fair game! On exam day: The exam is held during class time on MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 24 .
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