HADM 255 HW #3_Solutions - Evaluation of Layout Lobby: The...

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Evaluation of Layout Lobby : The lobby area provides a functional flow and clear access to the front desk, the lobby lounge, and the hotel restaurant and lounge. The spacious entrance, high ceilings, and well-placed furnishings will produce a luxurious feeling that markets itself to the hotel’s desired clientele. The front desk is located on the left in the hotel lobby, which is far enough away from the front doors to prevent any sort of congestion. The hotel lounge is located to the right of the main entrance creating an optimal area for guests to wait, rest, relax, and socialize among themselves. The restaurant is conveniently located next to the lounge in the lobby, which is a prime location for attracting potential customers. One noticeable flaw with the lobby’s design is in regard to the placement of the guest elevators. The guest elevators are out of sight from the front desk, which makes it difficult for employees to monitor the flow of guests throughout the hotel’s facilities. Due to the fact that the guest elevators are not in clear sight of the front desk, guests may get confused trying to find their way to their rooms. Despite the poor location, this issue can be easily prevented if well-trained employees lead guests in the right direction. Function Space : The function spaces are located on the ground floor, allowing for easy access and navigation for guests through the many function areas. With boardrooms, conference rooms, two different sized ballrooms and pre-function spaces, this Marriott hotel accommodates a wide range of group and business functions. The additional entrance to the function space in the west end of the hotel allows guests attending functions easy access, and it reduces the traffic flow in the hotel lobby. While it may seem practical to have all of the function space on the same floor, this might cause unnecessary traffic, congestion and noise. One major issue with the layout of the function space is back-of-house staff access to some meeting rooms. The rooms in the far left of the plans are allotted no back-of-house space for banquet staff to serve guests. Staff would be forced to walk all the way around the ballrooms or go through public hallways
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HADM 255 HW #3_Solutions - Evaluation of Layout Lobby: The...

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