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Joseph_DeSena_Notes - Joseph DeSena 90(CHE TXA Joe is the...

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Joseph DeSena ’90 (CHE TXA) Joe is the founder and former CEO of Burlington Capital Markets, an agency-based institutional brokerage firm that provides “execution services to institutional traders seeking anonymity, liquidity and discretion for large block, program and single stock directional trades.” In January 2005, Burlington Capital Markets was bought by Collins Stewart Tullett Holding Inc., a global financial services group. Joe stayed with Burlington as president and director, positions he will hold through 2008. Joe’s professional career actually began while he was a student at Cornell. On the weekends, he traveled to NYC to oversee a successful real estate construction business (one of several entrepreneurial ventures). Shortly after graduation, he worked on Wall Street and learned the business inside and out. He also owned several small businesses, built them up, then sold them. It was these experiences that inspired Joe to continue to follow his entrepreneurial spirit and found Burlington Capital. Joe also co-founded, and is currently
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