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AEM_241_Case_Study_Lacrosse_Essay - Cornell Womens Lacrosse...

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Cornell Women’s Lacrosse: Gaining Awareness Background Cornell’s strong athletic spirit was established the day the first banner was hung on the campus in 1868. This was the first day the bold red and white colors appeared. Since that day over 135 years ago the sports teams have evolved, the players have come and gone, but the colors and the spirit of the red and white has remained the same. The first Cornell Women’s Lacrosse team was formed in 1972. Since then the team has continually proven their place in the Ivy League as well as nationally. The 2006 team consisted of 32 women on the roster, 23 of them less experienced freshmen and sophomores, placing heavy responsibility on the shoulders of the 4-person senior class, and Head Coach Jennifer Graap. Coach Graap ’86 returned to her alma mater in 1997 with one goal, to bring Cornell’s Women’s Lacrosse team to an Ivy League championship title (www.cornellbigred.com). Although the team has not yet met that goal, they have many accomplishments to be proud of including; 37 All-Ivy selections, 26 IWLCA Regional All- Americans, 11 IWLCA national All-Americans, three CoSIDA Academic All-Americans, one Ivy League Player of the Year and one national player of the year finalist (www.cornellbigred.com), as of the start of the 2006 season. The team continues to have an excellent record in the Ivy League as well as nationally. Coach Graap has led the women’s team to an 82-43 record entering the 2006 season, and the 2006 season has proven to be one of the best they have seen with an Ivy League title in the grasps. Pre-season games begin the first of February with the official game season starting the first of March and continuing into the first week of May. Home games are held at Schoellkopf Field, and typically start at or after 12pm depending on the day. The stadium has a seating capacity of 25,597. There is a parking garage connected to the field, and is free from 5pm to 7am Monday through Friday, and for the weekend starting at 5pm on Friday to 7am Monday. The games are currently free of charge. Charging for the game has been considered, but only one other team in the Ivy League, Brown, currently charges. “When considering how many free tickets would be given due to families and players it really seems unreasonable” (Graap, ’06).
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Promotion The team is currently featured on Cornell’s sports website, www.cornellbigred.com. Coach Graap has been pleased with the coverage done by the site, typically having game results up within 48 hours. The website also provides access to the media guide, a season schedule, statistics, achieves and recent news articles. A game day program is generated for attendees at each game, and displays highlights of the team, the current game and the previous week’s game. Other printed materials include a few poster size schedules and a smaller poster schedule that were generated in the ’06 season. These were produced with the help of the volleyball coaches at very minimal in cost. A very limited number were produced and they were not widely distributed.
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AEM_241_Case_Study_Lacrosse_Essay - Cornell Womens Lacrosse...

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