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Cornell University Women’s Lacrosse Marketing Plan Development Component Two Hey guys, Attached is my part up through #3 Target Market. Some things I wanted to ask you: -Should we think of a new name for the Play with the Stars? (I abbreviated it PWTS for convenience) -Instead of having registered teams compete against the women's lacrosse team, I wrote that the women's lacrosse players would be divided up evenly among the participating teams, figuring they'd crush normal people otherwise, no? -I only thought of a few, simple survey questions. We might need to expand that part. -The survey will only tell us if people who played in the PWTS know more about the team as a result- like we can't generalize it to the rest of our target market, right? So yeah tell me if what I wrote makes sense.'s just that I read these things back to myself and I feel I'm repeating the same damn thing on every page in different words. .. Anyhow, have a good week see you Saturday. I. Marketing Plan Objective The women’s lacrosse team’s greatest advantages are its skilled players and winning record. As the best Ivy League team last year, there is no disputing what the team accomplished with relatively young players. This quality represents the team’s greatest strength and draw for attracting fans. Other strengths lie in fact that lacrosse is a fast-paced, exciting game to watch, and the team offers such entertainment in a
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convenient, central-campus location, Schoellkopf Stadium. The team can also capitalize on current sponsorship agreements with Nike and Brine, for instance by raffling brand- name apparel and other items in order to attract students to games. Despite being a strong, skilled team, the largest weakness facing the group is the lack of knowledge among the student body (potential fans) about the team. This can largely be attributed to the team’s lack of marketing resources, not their lack of success on the field; they were undefeated at home and Ivy League champions last year. Without a dedicated marketing budget, the team has had difficulty getting their name out there among students in a crowded market for college student’s leisure time. And because of
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com2_Essay - Cornell University Womens Lacrosse Marketing...

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