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Conclusion Kurt Lewin once said that, “A successful individuals typically sets his next goal somewhat but not too much above his last achievement. In this way he steadily raises his level of aspiration.” Following last year’s season no one can deny that the women’s lacrosse team has achieved. They were undefeated at home, they were Ivy League Champions, and most importantly they were respected as a force to be reckoned with. This coming season presents the opportunity to set new goals “somewhat but not too much above” those of last year. Now that the women’s lacrosse team has captured the attention of fellow teams the time has come for them to make their presence known amongst their peers here at Cornell. They spent last year establishing themselves as a talented team with vast potential, this year is the year to rally the student body behind them. They can then use the energy generated by a packed crescent to dominate the league this year and gain the title not only of Ivy League Champions, but of NCAA Champions as well. The key to generating such enthusiasm amongst the undergraduate population is simplicity.
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