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Department of Applied Economics and Management AEM 241 Marketing Instructions for Component #2 Market-Product Focus Due Date Monday classes: Wednesday, 10/4 by 3:00 in the red box outside Warren 104. Wednesday classes: Friday, 10/6 by 3:00 in the red box outside Warren 104. Assignment Overview The purpose of this component is for you to develop marketing and product objectives for the plan. You will also have the  opportunity to describe the target market(s) for the business along with its point of difference and positioning strategy. Class Concepts You Will Apply in Component 2 Market Segmentation Identifying Target Markets Positioning and Product Strategy New Product Strategy Branding Your Assignment A. Marketing Plan Objective 1. Think carefully about your SWOT analysis and answer the following questions: a. What are the identified strengths? b. What are available opportunities that the business should consider? Specifically, describe 3  opportunities. c. What can the business do to improve its weaknesses? d.  What can the business do to defend against the threats? 2.
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Marketing_Plan_2_ProblemSet - Department of Applied...

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