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Component 1 Grading Guide I. Company Description (30 points for the entire section) 1. Introduction What is the business? What is its history? (2 points) Product definition – Include a general description of the various products. What benefit is it providing? Please use the BCG Matrix to illustrate the product line. Explain the BCG matrix. (6 points) Problem definition – what, specifically, does the business need help doing? In other words, what is the problem? (2 points) 2. Market Summary Target market/s – Who are they and what are their specific wants and needs? What segmentation variables best describe each of your business’s current target markets – geographic, demographic, psychographic, behavioral attributes, etc.? (You need to do research to be able to describe your target market factually and accurately.) (12 points) Is there evidence of target market growth/decline? If so, what are the projections for growth/decline within each target market? (3 points) 3. Market Needs
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