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AEM 241 – Marketing Plan and Development Peer Evaluation 1 Monday Classes: Due 10/16 Wednesday Classes: Due 10/18 Email to your TA Assignment: _______________ Team #: __________________ Team Advisor:  _________ You are being given the opportunity to evaluate the members of your team.  Please take a few minutes right now to reflect back on  how well your team has worked together so far.  Think about the process of putting together Components #1 and #2.  What was the  relative contribution of each person?  Note that a contribution may not only include idea generation, library research discussion and/ or typing, it may also include being a facilitator, organizer, and/or voice of calm when tension between team members escalates.
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Unformatted text preview: Please take 100 points and divide them among team members (include yourself) on the basis of their contribution to the Plan so far. The greater the number of points assigned to an individual, the more they have contributed. Your responses will be completely CONFIDENTIAL . To the best of your ability, do not allow personal friendships or animosities to color your assessment. Remember; DO include yourself in the division of points. NAME of Team Member (print) POINTS Deserved (Must sum to 100) Is there anything else you think I should know about your team at this time?...
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