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Peer_Evaluation_Exam - showcase and the final plan Your...

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AEM 241 – Marketing Plan and Development Peer Evaluation #2 Due with your Final Marketing Plan at the Showcase…personally give to your TA You are being given the opportunity to evaluate the members of your team.  Please take a few minutes to reflect back on how well your team  has worked together over the course of the semester.   Please evaluate each team member  AND YOURSELF  on the effort put forth into three activities: homework, showcase and the final  plan.  For each activity, you need to allocate 100 points across all team members, so for instance if everyone contributed equally for a team of  4 each team member would receive a score of 25 for their contribution to homework. Do the same thing for the effort allocation for the 
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Unformatted text preview: showcase and the final plan. Your responses will be completely CONFIDENTIAL . To the best of your ability, do not allow personal friendships or animosities to color your assessment. Final grades WILL BE impacted by this peer evaluation along with peer evaluation #1. Remember; YOU MUST include yourself in the division of points. Team Member Name Homework Showcase Final Plan ______ _____ _____ 100 100 100 Is there anything else you think I should know about your team at this time? Your name ( Please sign/ and print ): Team Number:...
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