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Product Play With The Stars (PWTS) is more than just a product it is a movement. The purpose of PWTS is to generate a devoted base of fans here at Cornell by means of taking the player and making her not just a star, but a friend to whom the average student can relate. In this manner the successes and failures of the team will no longer be those of the team alone, but those of the general student body as well. It will give the average student something to which they can relate and rally around giving them a sense of belonging to something great: a dynasty. Play With The Stars would be an event which would be run both here on campus and at the local high school (Ithaca High School). The tournament would occur twice each year. During the fall the event would be hosted on campus, either on Jessup Field or in the Crescent itself, and during the spring it would be hosted at the local high school. The tournament would involve pairs of students signing up in groups of two. Each registered team of two would then be paired with a member or the women’s lacrosse team. These three persons
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