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Engl 2327 Final Exam Essay Question

Engl 2327 Final Exam Essay Question - Essay Frederick...

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Essay: Frederick Douglas and Harriet Jacobs were two slaves who both wrote narratives and autobiographies to inform readers about their experiences with slavery. While Jacobs and Douglas were both born into the hardships of slavery, they each had their own unique and different experiences as slaves. Frederick Douglas was born in Tuckahoe, Maryland; however, the year is unknown as Douglas had “no accurate knowledge of my age, never having seen any authentic record containing it.” ( NAAL, 2040) Douglas was born to his mother Harriet Bailey and from a white father who he did not know. Douglas did not remain with his parents after birth. Harriet Jacobs was born in Edenton, North Carolina in 1813. She was born to her father and mother who were both slave parents and lived with them both after birth. The living conditions that Douglas and Jacobs experienced as slaves were quite opposite from one another. Douglas was a slave who lived on a plantation under an overseer. The living conditions of the plantation required slaves to live bunked together in houses regardless if they were or were not family. The houses had no beds and slaves slept on the floors with only a few blankets to keep warm. Jacobs was a slave not on a plantation but a slave in a family household. She lived near her grandmother and her brothers William and Benjamin. Jacobs resided in a normal house although did not live as comfortably as the white children living under the same roof. However, her living conditions did not near mirror those of Douglas’ experiences of living in a home bunked with random other slaves.
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